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Build an APRS IGate


Why build an IGate? There are two fundamental parts of the APRS network that enable communications beyond simple peer-to-peer transmissions. They are Digipeaters and IGates. Digipeaters are just like normal voice repeaters in that when they hear traffic, they rebroadcast it with a little more antenna height and usually a little more power. Thus, they […]

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The WCARES Antenna Team

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Auxiliary Communicators of Middle Tennessee – on Facebook


There is a Facebook page called “Auxiliary Communicators of Middle Tennessee.”  It is a closed group in the sense that you must be a licensed ham radio operator to join.  Many thanks to Elizabeth St. Vincent (K4KTG) for organizing it.  It is a great place to share information of interest to all Middle Tennessee hams […]

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Global Eavesdroppers

http://www.providencejournal.com/article/20150808/NEWS/150809367: In World War II, dozens of radio operators in Scituate dialed into enemy conversations worldwide.

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W4PHS Hamnet Presentation (9/20/14)


Click on this link to access Phil Sherrod’s Hamnet presentation, given at Chew and Chat on 9/20/14 Note: The presentation can also be found at http://qrz.com/db/w4phs under the link for Hamnet MESH Networks.

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Hamnet: A Broadband MESH Network


From Phil Sherrod, W4PHS: I just got home from a meeting with two other Winlink developers. We spent most of one day discussing the Hamnet MESH network, and I had a chance to learn a lot and play with the Hamnet software. Hamnet is a broadband MESH network providing speeds about the same as a […]

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Ideas for Field-Expedient Antennas


Visit the following website for ideas on field-expedient antennas, many of them applicable in a military-type setting: http://www.n6cc.com/antenna-system-ideas

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Online Weather Spotter Training


Online Webinar NWS Spotter Classes!! Here is the webpage to visit if you want to sign up: http://www.srh.noaa.gov/bna/?n=onlinebasicspotterclass Remember, to attend the webinar, you will need to complete the two modules on this same page first. Any questions, just let me know.. Scott Unger NWS Nashville

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Software Defined Radio



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Apps for the Emergency Services community


From Richard, WB4TNH: Website for apps for the Emergency Services community. ReadyTN is one of the apps listed. Looks like it has a lot of potential. http://www.AppComm.org AppComm is APCO’s Application Community forum where first responders can learn about existing apps, rate and comment on apps, and share thoughts about these new tools.

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WCARES Mission

The Williamson County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (WCARES) is established for the primary purpose of organizing and training licensed amateur radio operators in Williamson County, Tennessee, to serve as a source of reliable emergency communications support for public and private emergency response agencies in Williamson and surrounding counties in the aftermath of natural disasters or during other times of public need.

WCARES also serves to: inform the general public about the amateur radio service; provide classroom training for prospective licensees; provide technical and operational assistance to other amateurs and; provide various opportunities and activities for amateur radio operators to interact with each other in order to help maximize the utilization of their operating privileges.

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